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Guangzhou CITY YINGSDUN APPAREL CO., LTD was founded in 1992, is a set design,

research and development, sales for the integration of modern clothing enterprises, the headquarters has abundant capital, exquisite technology, advanced design;

And has outstanding management personnel, design talent, marketing team, after nearly 20 years of development,

build a covers an area of 100 mu modern factory, the production quality passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification,

the product has been rated as brand-name products in guangdong province, "2011" Chinese famous brand ", "Chinese famous brand" in 2012,

for 10 consecutive years won the "civilized enterprises", "large taxpayer", "guard the heavy reputation of contract" and so on the title. The lions, the company has been adhering to the

"customer first, win, and seeking win-win" business philosophy of cooperation,

respect and cherish the lion brand of high quality clients, integrate market network resources, select clients, key support, make high quality customers in men's clothing

brand management and the terminal lead, lead to more customers choose the lion, love the lion,

share a substantial return on investment, the lion,

for the lion's all show men's wear brand excellence presence in China and make unremitting efforts!





连续十年获得"文明企业"、"纳税大户"、"守合同重信用"等称号。 英狮顿公司一直秉承"客户先赢、再求共赢"的合作经营理念,




The lion, the leader of the animals, a symbol of auspicious. Mighty lion image,

a symbol of the confidence and courage, strength, splendor,

and they constantly struggle for survival and hunting together, sharing domain. Yingsdun brand

LOGO is a lion, posture, statuesque,

lifelike, imposing manner, full display company founders cool confidence, courage, have the

courage to explore the image of the brave.






Target Consumer Group: 25 to 45, high-end consumer groups ;

Design concept: for leisure fashion, with fashion to feel leisure business realm, shaping gentle

style, the pursuit of exquisite quality of England

product Belief: express implicative inside collect fashionable grade products, advocate healthy

Product positioning: the pursuit of refinement, concise and inside collect and do not break

elegant and comfortable wearing style design

Price position: the city of young successful man, freedom, and advocates have qualitative

feeling delicate and fashion image.

Commodity spirit: to break the traditional boundaries and business suits, casual wear on mate

rial combined with environmental protection fabric quality fabrics, emphasize delicate touch and

novel and unique style, body now the modern urbanite's wisdom, confidence and sense of

fashion culture.

Style positioning: natural, elegant, noble, simple English fashionable breath.

2、设计理念:以休闲为时尚,用时尚去感受休闲的商道境界,塑造温文 儒雅的风格,追求英伦精致的品质感
5、价格定位:年轻的都市成功男士,崇尚自由、和提倡精致而有质感的  时尚形象。
6、商品精神:打破传统的休闲装与商务正装的界限,材质上以环保面料优质面料相结合,强调精致触感与         新颖独特的风格,体 现现代都市人的智慧、自信、时尚的文化感。