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一流材质与精湛工艺相结合, 炫丽之中流露出一种纯粹的和谐感, 这些都是高级定制配饰系列的标志性特色, 专为独具慧眼的都市绅士而设计。 别致典雅的造型和对于细节

的极致关注共同缔造了新一季配饰系列: 鞋履、 包袋、 腰带均采用手工整修, 搭配顶级真丝领带, 构成品质与热忱的完美诠释。

First-class materials and exquisite craft, the combination of dazzle beautiful reveal a pure harmony,

all of these is the defining characteristic of haute couture accessories series, designed for the urban gentleman of an eye.

Chic and elegant modelling and attention to detail the perfection of jointly created the new season series accessories: shoes, bags, belts adopt manual repair,

tie-in top silk tie, constitute a perfect interpretation of quality and enthusiasm.