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关于好男人的定义,不外乎关于财富和能力的责任感、情趣和睿智的幽默感,然而,在yingsdun 看 来,好男人还少不了最为关键的一条,那就是乐享绿色生活。特别是在这生机盎然、激情四色的夏日,节奏感强的工作之余,与yingsdun一起轻松切换,越界“绿色”生活。

About the definition of a good man, is nothing about wealth and power of the sense of responsibility, appeal and intelligent sense of humor, however, see in yingsdun, good man also the most critical one, that is to enjoy the green life. Especially in this vibrant, passion four color summer, rhythmic work, together with the yingsdun easy switching, crossing the line of "green" life.


YINGSDUN menswear season break the routine, health, sports, sexy, stylish men a gentleman, take you easily cross-border urban and tropical island, feeling a fashionable city with romantic journey of Sicily in Italy. Bright-coloured colour with the eye, plenty of enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained exotic flowers, pure natural fabrics, and pure and fresh, dynamic vitality is tie-in, release the man's charm.

职场优雅——高贵热情:对于职场精英而言,优雅谦逊和干净利 落的着装是必备条件,而在这生机盎然、热情似火的春夏季,不妨让热情的树叶印花在重叠渐变、层次分明的高贵紫里暗藏活力, yingsdun2014春夏男款热带纹饰、纯桑蚕 丝长袖衬衫,让你繁忙的奔波多一分从容自在。
都市休闲——精致简约:商务差旅?千万别一本正经了,放下繁冗,让简约轻便的衬衣、T恤诠释你简约而不失优雅的气质,精致而不失硬朗,不断追求一种舒适自我的生活态度。yingsdun2014春夏男款意大利风情衬衫、T恤、休闲裤,合身的剪裁,精致的细节,让你穿着得体,尽情展现追从容率真,简约优雅的 意式风格。
自然运动—— 一抹简致:相约浪漫的意大利西西里岛,那就尽情享受浓情海岛,热情的大海,迷人的黄昏、晚霞,原始所带给你的震撼之美。在这原始的大自然,任何浮夸都是多余的,唯有 极致简约方为最佳搭档。yingsdun2014春夏男款潮流衬衫、印花T恤,轻薄透气,穿着舒适感极佳,简洁亮丽时尚百搭,与你一起探寻原始的极致简约之美。

Workplace elegant, noble enthusiasm: for the workplace, elegant humility and clean the fall clothing is essential, and in this vibrant, enthusiastic, spring and summer, let the passion leaves printed in the noble purple overlapping gradient, distinct hidden vitality, yingsdun2014 chun xia men tropical grain, pure mulberry silk long sleeve shirt, let your busy traveling more easy. Urban leisure, delicate contracted: business travel? Don't serious, down to let contracted casual shirts, t-shirts, interpret your contracted and do not break elegant temperament, delicate and hale, the pursuit to a comfortable life attitude of the self. Yingsdun2014 chun xia men Italian shirt, T-shirt, casual pants, formfitting clipping, fine detail, let you well dressed, heartily after calmly forthright and sincere, simple and elegant Italian style. Natural movement - a bit Jane to: meet romantic Sicily, then enjoy the love island, the warm sea, the charming sunset, sunset glow, the original brings to you the beauty of the shock. In the original nature, any grandiose is redundant, only the acme contracted party as the best partner. Yingsdun2014 tide of chun xia men's shirt, printed t-shirts, frivolous breathable, wearing comfortable, concise and beautiful fashionable joker, explore the original acme contracted beauty with you.